Global Communications Certification

Celebrating Your Professionalism – Worldwide

Communications professionals can now have their skills acknowledged with a global certification. Experienced practitioners can apply for recognition as a Communication Management Professional, the first of a series of awards being developed by the IABC.

Certification is a process whereby your capabilities are assessed and recognized. Widely used in other professions, the process tells peers, colleagues and clients that they are working with an experienced and competent communicator.

And, importantly, certification shows the world that you are committed to keeping your skills and knowledge up to date.

How Do You Get Certified?

Getting certified is actually very simple – there are just three steps:

  • Detailing your experience, education and skills in an online questionnaire
  • Taking a multiple choice test,
  • Maintaining a record of your learning and personal development.

For the Communication Management Professional certification you will need to show that you have at least six years of experience in communication. The exam then tests your understanding of common concepts in the areas of:

  • Ethics
  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy and engagement
  • Consistency and implementation
  • Measurement In order to maintain your certification you need to keep reading, attending events and thinking about how to improve your practice.

Certification Managed By Your Peers

The IABC has created The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC®) with the remit of promoting an internationally recognized standard of communication excellence. Its members are drawn for the ranks of respected professionals around the world.

The GCCC is developing certification levels that acknowledge your knowledge and expertise at different points in your career starting with the Communication Management Professional (CMP) designation. Other levels are being developed for launching in the next couple of years.

More information about certification is available at or by contacting

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