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Media Relations Manager

Salt River Project
Salary: $110,000 - 150,000+ DOE
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Job Description

Under direction of the Director of Integrated Communications, the Media Relations Manager: develops, and manages the execution of, SRP’s media relations strategy and positioning to support SRP's short and long-term objectives. The Manager actively develops and manages media relations to enhance and protect SRP's brand. Develops short and long-term media objectives and the strategy to achieve the objectives. . Develops key media relationships with reporters and media influencers. Proactively identifies relationships for the team to cultivate and takes a consistent proactive approach to do so. Advises management about communications with the news media and makes recommendations. Develops and maintains positive working relations with news media representatives and media influencers. Develops message strategy for reputation issues. Prepares and manages the department's budget. Leads a team of media relations representatives to effectively communicate in a wide range of situations from monsoon outages to economic development to emergency situations and much more.

Duties & Responsibilities

Protect and build SRP's reputation.
Drive overall messaging development.
Develop and lead media relations strategy - both near and long-term.
Proactively and reactively generate positive media coverage both within traditional and non-traditional channels.
Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with external media stakeholders and influencers.
Take a proactive approach to identifying coverage opportunities to go after based on media publishing calendars and timely topics trending in the news
Lead strategic messaging planning for issues-related topics. Develop and lead implementation of communication plans.
Partner with other leaders in the Community, Communications and Marketing organization (CCM)to develop and provide input into editorial calendar, as well as monitor and adjust real-time based on changes in context and/or sentiment.
Actively monitor media sentiment within social media to adjust the team’s implementation approach.
Brief/bring in other CCM areas if/as other vehicles to can be leveraged to communicate.
Identify changes in the media and trends to influence media relations strategy.
Advises SRP management about media relations.
Interacts with publicly elected SRP officials.
Prepares department and staff job objectives to help achieve organizational objectives.
Develops and leads crisis communications plan.
Serves as SRP spokesperson when needed.
Selects, trains and leads media relations team members and contract assistance build and maintain a high-performing team.
Develops and monitors meaningful metrics.
Prepares, tracks and adheres to department budget.

Desired Skills

Ability to develop relationships with reporters and media influencers.
Ability to lead a team.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum of 7 years cumulative and progressive exempt level professional experience in media relations and 4 years of leadership experience.

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