Manager, Business & Community Development

50,000 – 55,000 with bonus opportunities

SciTech Institute

March 24, 2019

The SciTech Institute is seeking a full-time Manager for Business & Community Development to nurture the growing need to build individual, community and business relationships and build sponsorships for SciTech Institute programs including the Chief Science Officers, the Arizona SciTech Festival and Science For All Arizona. Key responsibilities will be to grow and retain individual, business and community partnerships that result in impactful engagement with Institute programs such as strategic collaborations, volunteers and sponsorships. A successful candidate will be a self-starter, outgoing, team player, problem solver and passion to foster meaningful business and community relationships.

Sponsorship growth & retention (45%) - Steward relationships with existing SciTech Institute sponsors; - Grow the number of organizations that sponsor SciTech Institute programs; - Grow the number of individuals and business groups that contribute to the Institute’s Science for All initiative. Business & Community Partnerships (45%) - Grow and retain the business and community collaborators; - Open doors with elected officials, community and business leaders; - Foster community engagement opportunities for Chief Science Officers at conferences, workshops, company tours, networking events, advisory boards and etc.; - Grow and retain a network of community mentors for SciTech Institute programs. Other (10%) - Attend business and community meetings, conferences and networking events to represent Institute programs and opportunities with community stakeholders; - Guide community collaborators on strategies to build regional STEM ecosystems using SciTech Institute programs such as the AZ SciTech Festival and Chief Science Officers; - Advise on Institute branding and positioning in the community; - Write blog posts and post social media about community and business partners engagement with Foundation; - Attend regular staff meetings, key events and other activities; - Monitor and report performance metrics.

Special qualifications: - Demonstrated ability to problem solve and think on one’s feet (required); - Demonstrated ability to grow and retain sponsorships (required); - Ability to multitask, work efficiently, independently and project proper time to complete assigned tasks (required); - Demonstrated knowledge of strategic planning principles and practices (required); - Ability to grow and retain partnerships with diverse organizations in business, community, government and education (required); - Strong communication skills in networking, public speaking, making presentations and writing (required); - Established network of Arizona businesses, community and government organizations (required); - Demonstrated knowledge of budget management (preferred).

Experience: - Building relationships with business and community collaborators (required); - Building teams and relationship development (required); - Working with corporate/community volunteer programs (required); - Raising investments from businesses, community organizations and individuals (required); - Working with schools, educators and administrators (preferred). Success Criteria - Increase the number of business and community partners engaged with the SciTech Institute by 20-30% annually; - Retain 95% of existing sponsors - Grow the total contribution of corporate / community sponsors by 10% annually; - Increase the number of individuals contributing to Science for All by 100 annually. Education: Bachelor’s degree (preferred) Core competencies: communication, fundraising, partnership development, logistical systems and protocols. Work conditions: - Attend regular staff meetings at MAC6 in Tempe; - Office space available at MAC6 with telecommuting option on particular days; - Ability to attend community meetings and events which may occur during regular business hours, evenings and weekends; - Phone allowance provided and mileage reimbursed.

Interested candidates: please email cover letter along with full resume.