Arizona Department of Transportation

June 1, 2018

Under the direction of the Assistant Communications Director for Community Relations, this position will manage the development and implementation of multi-platform community relations, public involvement and communications strategies and tactics during implementation of the Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program, operation of the State Highway System, development of Long-Range Transportation Plans and during the federally mandated environmental review processes. This position builds and maintains positive relationships between the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and its stakeholders including but not limited to local governments (such as municipalities, counties and tribes); local elected officials; community and business stakeholders; councils of governments and metropolitan planning organizations; the traveling public; professional organizations that rely on a safe, effective transportation system; and the general public. This position is responsible for ensuring that ADOT's efforts to inform and involve the public during all phases of the project delivery process occurs in accordance with federal mandates including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, other federal mandates, and in alignment with the ADOT Public Involvement Plan (PIP). This position collaborates with Communications staff and staff in other ADOT divisions including Infrastructure Delivery and Operations, Multimodal Planning, Environmental Planning, and Transportation Systems Management and Operations, as well as engineering and construction contractors. This is not a media relations position.

Essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: ·Manage professional consultants at all phases of project delivery, with special emphasis on public-involvement activities during project study & design phases for funded/unfunded projects, the Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program & Long-Range Transportation plans in accordance with NEPA & other federal requirements & the ADOT Public Involvement Plan, with emphasis on ensuring NEPA & other federal requirements are met during development of environmental documents. ·Develop/implement strategic communication plans for all phases of project delivery (planning, study, design, construction & operation) to outline goals, strategies & tactics for keeping stakeholders informed & involved & to build/maintain positive relationships, in accordance with NEPA & other federal requirements & the ADOT Public Involvement Plan. Collaborate in advance with ADOT Communications on the development & implementation of specific tactics such as press releases, social media post. ·Work with project teams to develop project schedules or traffic-control plans in accordance with ADOT & federal guidelines, provide timely, accurate project updates to stakeholders using appropriate outreach tools with special emphasis on reducing project-related delays for traveling public & working in cooperation with residential communities, businesses, local governments, schools, special event venues & professional organizations to minimize or eliminate project-related impacts. ·Share accurate, timely project information by writing & sending approved email alerts or other correspondence to key individuals &/or stakeholder groups, updating project websites daily or as needed & promptly responding to constituent inquiries by telephone, email or mail & providing professional customer-focused assistance in alignment with the Arizona Management System. ·Plan, write & work with internal/external subject-matter experts to create accurate, professional fliers, videos & brochures; draft talking points; & develop other necessary project-related collateral to share with key stakeholders & the public in accordance with communication plans, the ADOT Public Involvement Plan & federal mandates. ·Seek out & fulfill requests for unique engagements that reflect positively & professionally on the department, build & improve relationships in communities & with stakeholders statewide. Examples include speaking to community organizations, civic groups, homeowner groups, chambers of commerce & professional organizations about ADOT projects & services. ·Build and maintain strong internal stakeholder relationships through ongoing collaboration and cooperation with Communications and other ADOT departments and divisions; participating in project partnering; & providing timely, professional customer-focused assistance in alignment with the Arizona Management System.

Knowledge in ·Strategic communication planning and implementation. ·Communication techniques that attract public support for departmental programs and objectives. ·Effective and accurate writing and editing. ·Associated Press (AP) and ADOT Style. ·Basic math. ·Government policies and procedures. ·Use of complex or technical information to develop easy-to-understand messages for the general public. ·Audience-appropriate communication. ·Developing and maintain departmental, community and local agency sources and databases. ·Regional issues. ·The department's Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program. ·Federal and state transportation funding process. ·MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Skills in ·Management of projects and professional consultants. ·Project research. ·Writing for diverse audiences and varying mediums such as web pages, project alerts, video scripts, blogs and fliers. ·Customer-focused customer service. ·Listening to and working with community, government and business stakeholders. ·Organization. ·Computer use. ·Public speaking. ·Networking with diverse stakeholder Groups. Ability to ·Support and model departmental values: Accountability, Integrity and Respect. ·Cognitive thinking. ·Sound decision making, especially in the absence of immediate direction or supervision. ·Clearly communicate the department's position on transportation-related issues, decisions and policy in a manner that reflects the department, its leadership and partners in a positive, professional light. ·Effectively present information to targeted audiences professionally through written, verbal and visual communication. ·Use maps, diagrams, plans, project files, studies and reports, the Internet, data, personal interviews and other sources to conduct research. Adapt to diverse needs, schedule changes and potential emergencies. ·Meet deadlines -Multi-task and prioritize. ·Work as part of a diverse team in Communications and throughout the department, or independently. ·Solve problems. ·Self-motivated. ·Stewardship of resources. ·Effectively plan strategically, and create detailed communication plans to best address the goals of the department while meeting identified stakeholder needs.

Preferred Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Communication, Journalism, Public Relations or a related field. Seven to ten years of experience in communications, community relations, public relations or a related field. Experience developing and implementing public involvement activities required for federally funded projects. Knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), public involvement practices in alignment with Title IV, the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) and other federal mandates and ADOT Public Involvement Plan. Note: As part of the interview process, all candidates who are selected to meet in person with the hiring committee will be required to complete an on-site, 30-minute exercise that allows the hiring supervisor to assess their ability to present written information that is accurate, useful, grammatically correct and consistent with AP Style.

This position is located at 1221 S. 2nd Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85713. You can apply and submit your resume online at For more information, please feel free to contact Jim Diamond at