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Shoshana Leon – Member in the Spotlight

December 13, 2021

Shoshana Leon has been a member of IABC Phoenix off and on throughout her career, depending on what role she took in the corporate communications world.

“I recently started a new job this October at CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer, and I’m happy to be back as a member of IABC Phoenix,” she said.

With more than 15 years of corporate communications experience, Shoshana brings her expertise in writing and providing executive communications support to the IT, Commercial and Finance divisions of CSAA. Outside of work, she uses her communication skills to write culinary articles and sharing her gastronomical adventures on her food blog,

“I’ve held a variety of communications roles in the past 15 years, learned something from each, and now focus on executive communications, which is a very interesting area of employee communications,” she continues. “In my career I’ve seen a lot of changes in how employee communications are delivered, perceived and measured to show value, and how critical employee communications have become especially with COVID and the shift to remote working. I also get a lot of satisfaction from using my communications skills to share my passion with my food blog.”

Shoshana’s experience includes working at large global companies like Honeywell and Avnet, and she also did contract work for Sprouts Farmers Market.

In addition to helping employees understand business priorities and increasing employee engagement, Shoshana enjoys working at companies that prioritize well-being, diversity and community involvement.

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